Four Proven Tips to Achieve Quality Sleep

a sleeping male

Do you feel like your performance at work is declining? Do you often fall to lousy mood, boredom, and lethargy coming out of nowhere? If the answer is yes, then you may be at the brink of depression. From the surface, its impacts may not be detrimental to your life, but in the long term, your physical health can be affected too. Besides, people with mood swing like that are prone to suicidal thoughts.

However, before you decide to go to a psychiatrist, you should review how well you’ve been sleeping lately? According to the National Sleep Foundation, people with sleeping disorders are ten times as likely to have clinical depression and seventeen times as likely to have clinical anxiety. Therefore, it is vital for you to know the right ways to improve the quality of your sleep, which we will discuss below.

Listen to Music

piano tabNot all music is suitable for sleeping indeed. Some genres like rock, heavy metal, and rap have fast beats that can distract your mind from resting. What you need is a slow tempo composition that has a calming effect on your brain. If you do not want to hear music with lyrics, then classical arrangements will be your best choice.

Burn a Scented Candle

scented candleYour olfactory sense affects the activity of your brain. If you don’t believe it, you can compare smelling food waste to flower and see which one has the calming effect over your mind. And you may think that putting a vase of roses or lavenders in your room will be a good idea, but it is actually not. One reason is that you have to deal with the withered plant later, and if you forget to throw it, it may rot. To avoid such hassle, burning a scented candle is your most practical solution. Besides, the scent will be dispersed through the air better than a real plant.

Learn to Meditate

a meditating womanMeditating is a proven way to improve your control over your mind. And you need to know that a hectic brain is often vulnerable to sleeping disorders, a condition that is familiar to city dwellers who work more than 40 hours a week. If you have ever experienced overthinking about something right before you go to sleep, then you lack the restraint of your own mind.

Practicing meditation does not require you to be spiritual. In fact, you can just focus on the skills to control breathing, emotion, and the direction of your thought. Every time you go to bed, meditate for at least fifteen minutes and see for yourself how it can improve your sleep quality.

Improve Your Diet

Your guts’ health impacts your sleep quality significantly. If you have an upset stomach, the discomforts from the condition will prevent you from getting a rejuvenating sleep. If you have the same experience, remember the last thing you eat and drink. Coffees, junk foods, and salty foods are three menus you must avoid at least six hours before your bedtime.

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