Techniques for Passing the Hair Drug Test

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A drug test is sometimes a roadblock that prevents many people from succeeding. It can make a qualified candidate to miss a job after testing positive. The ability of hair follicle drug testing to detect even the smallest traces of drugs makes it the hardest test to beat. Following this, many hair-testing companies are favoring this method over the previous ones that include blood and urine for the following reasons:

  • Hair tests can detect a more extended history of drug use compared to either blood or urine, which stores most of the drug traces for a few days.
  • Removing a hair sample from a person’s head involves no privacy issues, and the testing experts take it in full view, making the tests harder to cheat.
  • The proliferation of cheating products meant for older test methods has done the urine test and blood test less reliable.

Following this, many people claim that there is no way to beat the hair follicle drug test, but that is not the case. This article covers the proven techniques for passing the hair drug test that puts people in the best position to pass their administered tests.

Get Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo

hair detox shampooExperts at Crider Center suggests that investing in the best hair detox shampoo is recommendable for people whose stakes are high. Although most of the hair detox shampoos on the market are absolute crap, a few of them work. Most of these products have masking chemicals that attempt to cover the hair, keeping the test from working. Unfortunately, many hair testing laboratories are using advanced methods to wash the coating away before conducting the analysis.

Get Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo to give people a chance of passing the hair drug test. It detoxifies the hair effectively by getting inside and removing the dangerous toxins in it.

Shaving All the Hair Off the Body

Although many individuals are not willing to shave the entire hair off their body, this solution works. The method gives an allowance of about five days for the person to pass the test. The fact that it takes approximately seven days for the new hair to detect the drug guarantees safety.

However, the method seems far from being practiced. It will be difficult for many people to deal with their employer without the hair, especially after being interviewed while having it on their body.

The Light Smoker Loopholes

Occasional smokers may be lucky as the hair test loophole can work for them. For instance, a person who only smoked a small amount of the drug once in the past 90 days is more likely to pass the test. The examination usually tests for prolonged use.

On the other hand, an individual will be more liable to test positive if he used the drug heavily on one day or over a few days.

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