Afrikatown Presents: An Anti-Gentrication Block Party November 8th 1-7pm

{{brought to you by a community that refuses to leave}}

Qilombo and Afrikatown have never backed down from eviction notices or bulldozers, and WE WILL be around to help our community face down gentrification. We stand by other organizers who ask for Development without Displacement.

But we also know that we can’t fight the plans of developers, investors, banks, slumlords and the city without the strength of the people and all the beautiful communities we come from. Gentrification doesn’t have a simple definition. It doesn’t weaponize the same tactics of displacement each time it hits and it constantly has different faces. But one thing is true: it silently destroys the stability of neighborhoods. It means our children won’t know what homes we grew up in & it means we won’t have inheritable spaces. it means the family homes that could be full of people AND children will be $1000 per bedroom (not affordable unless the kids, Elders, etc can chip in).

Qilombo isn’t going to stand by as property bankers, benevolent slumlords, & slimy politicians take away the little we have. Join us to not only hear from the community we love but to hear from the organizers against gentrification! Let’s bridge communication and share resources!

We will have performers, DJs, vendors, muralists and more! Another amazing Afrikan mural will be put up, this time facing San Pablo as a landmark for a community that won’t be leaving.

We are excited to announce that we will be creating another Afrikan Cobb structure (in addition to our new Cobb oven): small huts that will eventually be a village! Come for our homemade pizza, live music, brilliant speakers and poets, banner-making, mural painting and the love of a Community that refuses to leave!

Folks are welcome to bring knowledges to share, host a workshop in the garden, table for their organization and speak out!


1:10 DJ Jose Arias
2:25 Ka’Ra- singer
2:45 Juju (poet)
3:15-3:45 Anti-Gentrification Panel: Q, Station 40,
4:05 DJ Jose Arias
5:00 WCC/SC
5:20 Nancy (hip hop artist)
5:35 Shamako Noble
6:20 DJ Destiny
6:50 JASMINE of New World Disorder

Defend the Afrika Town Garden

In neighboring lot next door to the Qilombo, people from the community have come together to create a beautiful community garden and park on the block that is rapidly becoming known as Afrika Town. For many years the lot had been subject to piles of garbage, tall weeds, needles and feces, and the owner of the lot did next to nothing to clear the space. Now that the community has come together to clean it up themselves and build this magnificent garden, the owner of the lot is threatening to evict Afrika Town volunteers and raze the garden.

“Why now?” Linda Grant, a Qilombo and Afrika Town volunteer remarked “Who would care about a lot that’s been empty for 14 years? Someone who knows there’s money coming into this neighborhood. Why else would they care? They haven’t cared all of those years before.” The land is now worth $995,000.

To receive instant updates about Afrika Town demolition please text: 40404 and write Follow Afrika Town in the body of the text.


Mural & Garden Clean Up on March 7th!!

Welcome to Afrika Town! Our comrades and communities are invited to celebrate community resistance and empowerment with us on March 7th, Saturday!

We will be creating a mural, building onto our garden, and cleaning up Qilombo!! Also, we are hoping to add a kitchen and are asking for an array of support for this project!

We’re excited to see you there! Bring dishes and drink to share for our potluck!!


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